Pultruded Profiles Good Dimensional Stability And High Temperature Resistance Pr


Good dimensional stability: thermosetting resin matrix of heating effect of crosslinking network structure in the pultrusion process of forming the shape, its product size is normal stable, and the shrinkage after forming is small. Fiberglass pultruded products in the continuous load long time under its shape and size change is minimal, the creep deformation is small. The creep performance depends on the size of the load, the factors of temperature and loading time. At a fixed load and temperature conditions, a long time after loading the thermosetting plastic creep to heat plastic much smaller.

Excellent high temperature resistance: characteristic of thermosetting resin can’t soften the product and the heat resistance is quite stable, determined by 1.86MPa load, the heat deformation temperature of 150 ~ 260 DEG C in the thermosetting plastic fiber reinforced, and belongs to the thermal insulation material with good thermal conductivity, the rate is 0.35 0.47W/ (m.K), only the metal 1/100 and 1/1000, can be used as a good insulation material and instantaneous high temperature materials, thermal deformation temperature can reach 350 DEG C, can be at room temperature and high temperature structural materials. Fiberglass / phenolic resin is adiabatic material in manufacturing rocket, missile engine.

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