Fiberglass Continuous Winding Pipe Technology


Fiberglass continuous winding pipe technology a new pipe production technology at present in our country, the study direction of this process is mainly the development of the large and high-pressure pipe. The fiberglass pipe is one of the most rapid product development in the Chinese FRP industry, which has made large progress in raw materials, manufacturing equipment, process technology, structure design, construction and quality management and other aspects. In the fiberglass pipe market share continuously made new breakthroughs, new technology and new products are constantly emerging, fiberglass winding pipeline continuous forming process has broad application prospects.

Fiberglass pipes are mainly used in oil, chemical industry, water supply and drainage, power plant and a chimney. Fiberglass pipeline in our country except for the five major application areas, in the paper, leather, food, ventilation and other areas have also used in different degree, the scope of use is becoming wider and wider. Therefore, but all these areas selected number of FRP pipe is still the very limited application of FRP pipes in these areas still need further development.

In recent years, the scope of application of FRP pipe expanding, mainly because of the fiberglass pipe has more advantage than the traditional iron pipe, concrete pipe and plastic pipe. The fiberglass pipe with mechanical and anti-corrosion properties, low conductivity, excellent, and long service life. Therefore, in the general application and professional applications, glass steel pipeline is often chosen as the object of people’s.Steel costs higher and higher, the fiberglass pipe’s competitive advantage has become increasingly prominent, especially in the large diameter pipe market and high-pressure areas, the fiberglass pipe is more competitive.

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