Fiberglass Covers Difference


What are the difference between the fiberglass pultruded/handlay-up cover and fiberglass gratings cover?

1. The appearance difference

The difference in appearance is the most obvious difference between the two types of covers, most fiberglass covers are solid, hollow or the two layers hollow in the center, but its surface is a solid closed type. In general, the fiberglass pultruded or handlay-up cover plate is a closed type plate. The appearance of the fiberglass gratings cover is based on the gratings plate as the substrate, and the cover plate is used as the bearing surface. As the matrix of the grating plate is not a single type, and the surface of the cover plate is the same as the fiberglass pultruded/hand lay up cover.

2. The production process is different

The production process of fiberglass gratings cover plate is more troublesome than other fiberglass covers. Gratings production process can be divided into molded gratings and pultruded gratings. But other general cover production is hand lay up or pultrusion.

3. Performance is different

The fiberglass grating cover is easier to install and transport. The general cover application area is larger. But both of them have performance of high acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, high flame retardant properties, non electric, non thermal conductivity, long service life, etc..

4. Different application

The use of fiberglass gratings cover plate application is relatively widely and they are often used as a ditch cover, trench cover, cable trench cover, drain ditch cover plate, the cover plate, pool cover and so on.

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