Tips Of Fiberglass Signs


Fiberglass pultruded and handlay-up road sign/marker has been widely used, and we’ll talk about tips of fiberglass signs?

The first one is reflective tape adhesion performance. It is easy to occur bubble when gluing tape on the handlay-up marker, and it’s not suitable for mass production, but fiberglass pultruded markers surface is uneven, there is no hole, the adhesive strength of the reflective tape is suitable for traffic signs, and molded fiberglass product is manufactured under  high temperature and high pressure, it also has flat surface, reflective film adhesion can meet the requirements.

The second is the strong wind load. Hand lay-up material is not under high temperature and high pressure molding, can not be mass-produced, pultrusion process of fiberglass products have good longitudinal tensile strength, the molded products have good mechanical strength, horizontal and vertical pressure is even.

The third is aging resistance, fiberglass material aging is mainly to the sun, high temperature, humidity, wind and rain, so choosing the resin for signs is very important.

The fourth is low cost, in order to save costs, reduce waste, and easier for the client to accept, small sign according to the shape of the demand for new mold to minimize waste.

Above are the four main elements of the fiberglass signs. Please contact us for any question.

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