Unicomposite FRP Products Advantages


As we all know, fiberglass pultruded profiles have obvious advantages. For example, light weight but super strong, they’ll never rust or rot, and there are a variety of colors that can be chosen from, etc. Today we’ll introduce more detailed advantages. Corrosion resistance, safety, impact resistance, stable shape, etc.

1 strong corrosion resistance: pultruded products are acid, alkali, salt, some organic solvents and other corrosive erosion, in the case of the superiority of other metal incomparable corrosion field, and has good water resistance and aging resistance, pultruded profiles by 3% HCI water solution for 24h, its hardness retention rate of 95%. The 3% NaCl water solution for 24h, its hardness retention rate is 89%. Therefore the FRP pultruded profiles make doors and windows is not only suitable for the general home, hotels, restaurants, and more suitable for the coastal area and corrosive working environment of industrial plant use.

2 safety: FRP products have excellent electrical insulation, there is no spark, and they can prevent fire retardant treatment according to the customer’s requirement.

3 impact resistance: fiberglass pultruded rods, tubes, sheets and other products can bear repeated bending without permanent deformation, good impact resistance and fatigue resistance.

4 the product quality is stable and has smooth surface finish: the pultrusion process uses fully automated production, therefore the product quality is stable and has an excellent surface finish.

5 meet the requirements of environmental protection: pultrusion production process profile with low noise characteristics, high efficiency, low power consumption, less pollution, comply with the relevant national requirements of environmental.

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