Fiberglass Gratings Strength Test


Today we’ll introduce how to test the fiberglass gratings strength.

(1) the impact strength of fiberglass pultruded and molded grating cover has a strong anisotropy. The fiber orientation in the glass grating flat and glass fiber grating is a layer of plane, so it is easy to cause the layer to layer when the impact of the glass fiber is impacted by the vertical plane. Therefore, the impact of the vertical plane direction is significantly lower than that of the parallel to the plane.

(2) the impact strength of FRP grating cover is more sensitive to the gap, the deeper the notched impact strength is lower, and there are some exceptions, and the impact value of the 450 direction increases with the increase of the gap depth.

(3) in the plane impact of a flat surface of a fiberglass pultruded grating, the impact value increases with the increase of the thickness of the specimen in parallel to the plane impact, and the impact value increases with the increase of the width of the sample.

(4) the influence of the temperature is the same as the static strength, so the lower the temperature, the higher the impact strength.

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