Unicomposite Fiberglass Pultruded Handrail Introduction


FRP handrail is combined with fiberglass pultruded profiles and SMC/BMC products to have the function of protection. Fiberglass pultruded handrail is lightweight but high strength, aging resistance, strong corrosion-resistance, it won’t rust, long service life, nonconductive, nonstatic, convenient installation, no maintenance and decrease the cost of long-term use, no external decoration is required and good comprehensive benefits. It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, mining, power, ocean exploration, electroplating, ship, water and wastewater treatment, paper making, brewing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

It is the ideal product to be used in corrosion weathering. Fiberglass handrail specifications: 1. square tube. 2. round tube handrail, it consists of a circular tube, molded connecting pieces of the composition, construction is convenient, safe and reliable. Fiberglass pultruded handrail surface is very smooth, delicate, and has bright color, high strength, good toughness, anti-aging test of up to 50 years. In the -50 to 70 DEG C use does not fade, no crack, not brittle. A unique formula, anti-ultraviolet aging resistance of dedicated, stabilizer, ensure the appearance of new not old, do not fade, not yellow, not winter, summer is not soft, brittle never painted, maintenance, maintenance, the service life of 30 years. The advantages of bright color, smooth surface, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, antistatic, do not fade, not cracking, nonbrittle, become the most decorative effect of the fence quality, suitable for city road in the middle, clean and spacious streets and colorful handrail, mutual reflect, built a glass beautiful scenery line steel guardrail is composed of pultruded fiberglass tubes and molded products.

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