Fiberglass Pultruded Power Pole And Cross Arm Development


One of the most dangerous safety problems in the field of public facilities is the top of the power pole fire, the risk increases or decreases depend on the wire and rod material. Some of the public service corporations have fiberglass pultruded cross arms used in their power transmission and infrastructure in order to reduce the risk. The FRP cross arm is the top of the poles used for one of the most important components in power transmission and distribution. Traditional construction materials are wood, now steel and fiberglass pultruded power pole are used on the market.

The fiberglass pultruded power pole is an insulator, mechanical strength under the equal weight is very high; in addition, fiberglass pultruded cross arm is expected to have more than 60 years of service life and is suitable for any environmental conditions. In order to reduce the risk of fire, USA Colorado Springs and other public utilities Service Corporation, are turning to the use of fiberglass profile as cross arm wire rod, to play its greater role.

The use of FRP composite wood products generally life is more than 2 times, and not susceptible to birds, insects, bring the rot or mildew and other natural phenomena damage. For these reasons, coupled with its high insulation, glass steel has by virtue of its more reliable performance and longer service life in the use of many public facilities instead of wood products, such as a ladder, high voltage detecting insulation rod, tool handles, etc. Compared with the wood and steel with superior quality, the fiberglass power pole has become more public in the electrical equipment insulation level (BIL) method and reduces the fire risk of the mainstream. The design direction of the fiberglass pole is to ensure that its permanent intensity and enhance the electrical insulation performance,and use composite high strength fiberglass pole.

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