Fiberglass Decking is a Great Choice for Outdoor Installations


Fiberglass decking systems are an excellent solution for corrosive or demanding applications. Fiberglass decks are manufactured using a pultrusion molding process combined with an interlock system, depending on the type of decking used.

It is made of extremely fine glass fiber and resin, which can produce high-quality building materials. Fiberglass has become one of the most popular materials for indoor and outdoor installations.

The classic wooden and metal decking has many headaches that you may never thought about when you first install it. Wood requires a lot of maintenance to keep it in its best condition and to ensure it remains structurally sound, which can turn your relaxation spot into a total chore. It is also easy to succumb to the wear and tear caused by Mother Nature.

On the other hand, metal decks are very conductive and susceptible to weather damage. Therefore, although you may not have to worry about staining or painting one of the decks, you will have to work overtime to keep it looking good.

Fiberglass has all the beauty of wooden or steel decks, but removes all of the negatives. Below are 7 advantages of fiberglass decks:

  1. Elasticity

Fiberglass is one of the strongest building materials on the market. It undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process to produce stretch materials suitable for outdoor installation. Due to its high resilience, a deck with excellent dimensional stability can be formed, thereby enhancing the function of the deck.

  1. Durable

The non-porous nature of glass fiber makes it extremely resistant to moisture. Due to the effect of water, your deck will not warp or rot. Fiberglass can handle extremely hot and cold weather conditions well. Long-term exposure to the sun will not affect the appearance of the color, because the color will be deeply ingrained throughout the material. Due to the influence of wood, glass fiber is not easy to break or dent. This helps to extend the life of the deck.

  1. Easy To Install

The lightweight properties of fiberglass help simplify assembly. You do not need to recruit additional labor to help you build the deck. The material can be handled with minimal effort, thereby saving labor costs during installation. Fiberglass is also one of the more flexible materials at work. You can easily fix the fasteners and drive the nails, which can speed up the installation.

  1. Economical

Fiberglass is one of the most affordable building materials on the market. Given its high resilience and durability, the fiberglass deck is worth the money. You can plan to construct the deck in any design within a reasonable budget.

  1. Increase The Value Of Your Home

With fiberglass, you can almost enjoy unlimited color options and multiple design possibilities. This makes it an excellent choice for residential outdoor installation. A properly installed fiberglass deck can improve your lifestyle and improve the appearance of your house. It also increases the resale value of your property.

  1. Low Maintenance

It does not require much work to keep the fiberglass deck in good condition. It does not require special cleaning materials. Just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and light chips from the surface. Sometimes, you may need to use a damp mop to wipe off dust and dirt. You can use warm water and mild detergent for more thorough cleaning every week. Fortunately, glass fiber does not easily stain due to its non-porous nature. This makes it easier to maintain fiberglass floors. It can also resist insect damage, thereby reducing the maintenance work required.

  1. Environmental Protection

Glass fiber is 100% recyclable. If you have environmental concerns, this makes it an environmentally friendly choice. The use of fiberglass in construction helps reduce pressure on natural resources. Due to the rapid development speed, some of these resources are already in danger of being exhausted. Fiberglass decks can help you contribute to sustainable resource management.

Fiberglass Decking is a Great Choice for Outdoor Installations      Fiberglass Decking is a Great Choice for Outdoor Installations

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