Fiberglass Telescopic Pole for Height Measurement


General fiberglass tubes are straight and tapered. Due to the production process and transportation reasons, the length of the tube is usually not too long, which is difficult to meet the needs of certain use. The emergence of the telescopic tube has solved this problem very well.

The telescopic tube is made up of several tubes of different sizes spliced together through a connecting device and can reach a length of several meters or dozens of meters when stretched out. A telescopic tube can be made of pultruded straight poles, as well as tapered round tubes. This article introduces a kind of FRP telescopic tube named height measuring pole.

FRP height measuring pole also called a measuring pole, insulating height measuring pole, high voltage measuring pole, telescopic height measuring pole, light telescopic height measuring pole, etc. Commonly used height measuring poles range in size from 4 meters to 18 meters, only more than one meter after retraced, which is convenient for storage and carrying. In addition, the weight of FRP is light, about 1/4 of that of steel. The weight of a pole of more than ten meters is the 2kg, which is very light and convenient to use. At present, the FRP height measuring pole has been widely used in the height measurement of electric power construction, coal mine tunnel, bridge construction and other projects.

FRP has good insulation properties, therefore the height measuring pole can also be used for electrical testing. Usually, a hook can be installed on the top of the height measuring pole to check and handle objects at places above ground.

In the case of windy weather, it is prohibited to use this product for height measurement. In case the pole blows down and hurts people.

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