Fiberglass Epoxy Pipe Introduction and Application


Fiberglass epoxy tube is made of epoxy resin and glass fiber, and is made of hot press in baking and molding. It has dielectric properties and good mechanical properties. Heat resistance grade can be divided into B (130 degrees) F grade (155 degrees) H grade (180 degrees) C grade (180 degrees above). It’s suitable for electrical equipment as insulation structure parts, and can be used in wet conditions and transformer oil.

The production process of fiberglass epoxy pipe can be divided into 4 kinds: wet roll, dry roll, pultrusion and winding.

Epoxy pipe appearance: the surface should be smooth, especially fiberglass pultruded epoxy pipe surface finish, no bubbles, oil and impurities.

Fiberglass epoxy tube application:

Because it has excellent electrical properties and mechanical strength, the fiberglass epoxy tube has been widely used in electric porcelain industry arrester sleeve,underground water delivery pipeline and other rot resistant applications.

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