Reflect Injection Pultrusion Process Introduction


Compared with the general pultrusion process, reflect injection pultrusion process(RIM) is unique in the following aspects: It is the combination of the resin component directly into the cavity or the entrance of the pultrusion mold with the enhancement of the material.

RIM pultrusion process is generally divided into group A and group  B, each group won’t react. The A and B two parts of the resin system were put into the mixing unit after preheating, and then were mixed directly into the resin impregnation chamber or the entrance of the mould. The reinforcing material is also in the condition of high temperature, so that the viscosity of the resin system is very low. The mixing and use of the resin mixture is carried out at the same time, and there is no problem in the use period of the resin. The resin mixing unit is near the entrance of the mold, so it is possible to adopt a fast curing or solid resin system at room temperature.

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