FRP Mold Type and Renovation


There are many kinds of fiberglass product mold, such as: wood mold, silicone mold, plaster mold, fiberglass mould, steel mould etc. Fiberglass mold includes cavity mold, closing mould. What kind of mold type depends on many factors: the product structure, process, quality requirement and so on. No matter which type of mold type, we need to do the analysis of product structure first in order to facilitate the release.

The quality of FRP products(SMC/BMC, pultruded profiles, molded products, handlay-up products, etc), in addition to the overall technical quality of the factory workers, the most important factor is fiberglass mold quality and service life.

Surface finish of fiberglass products depends on the mold finish, so the domestic and foreign fiberglass products, glass steel mold surface treatment is extremely fine. If we can treat mold better, in the future we can get better frp products.

The mold surface renovation after a period of time production:

After many times of use of mold release wax or long-term storage of mold release wax has oxidation, production of fiberglass products surface  finish will be effected due to wax product and rough mold surface, then it needs to re renovation, the use of cleaning agent cleaning twice to clean all the wax, and sealing two times, then on the three release of wax, mold will have a new look, we can use it again.

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