FRP Gratings Connecting and Maintenance


FRP grating has a great performance in the field of anti-corrosion, acid proof, alkali-resisting, anti-organic solvents and many kinds of liquid or gas of salts resistant.

It is different from traditional metallic grating, no chemical corrosion resulting in rusting due to the effect of chemical medium,  and the structure of  material won’t be changed, we don’t need to take regular or irregular inspection or maintenance. Lumber  always rots and mildew, so fiberglass pultruded grating and fiberglass molded grating are the best succedaneum.

FRP gratings connecting and maintenance can be referred to below aspects:

1.Avoiding the direct contact between steel structure and naked fire or high temperature rooting in electric welding or oxy-acetylene flame while servicing installation in use.

2.Cleaning the dust or the dirt on the surface with the washing liquid and don’t need to take other measures.

3.Avoiding steel structure drag, paint pollution and impact damage with all kinds of steel, steel tool and tool, when servicing equipment in use.


The different features of FRP grating types:

1.L connection method—for the connection between medium load and support the special position.

2.M connection method—for fixing stable and the connection of fiberglass gratings stents with the position.

3.C connection method—for the connection of two pieces of gratings sides without stents.

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