Fiberglass Honeycomb Panel


FRP honeycomb panel is developed by the combination of glass reinforced plastic honeycomb board and aviation industry. The product is produced with composite honeycomb sandwich structure, prefabricated fiberglass panel, high-strength glass fiber cloth and honeycomb core material by hot pressing molding compound. Because of the high strength, the impact resistance and scratch resistance of the composite plate are very high.

Fiberglass honeycomb panel main features:

1. weathering: fiberglass sheet is a thermosetting polymer material, which has good temperature resistance, the use of temperature is in the -70℃ ~ 80℃.

2. impact resistance: due to product structure containing glass fiber reinforced materials, it greatly improves the anti impact performance of the product. It is not easy to break under the rubble and hail impact.

3. corrosion resistance: competence of various acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, especially suitable for in the coastal and corrosive places.

4. the outer surface of the glass reinforced plastic honeycomb panel adopts the high quality color gelcoat, its excellent performance is international certification of food grade gel coat resin, which has a good chemical stability of the atmosphere, water, and the general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other medium; it is due to this layer of special gel coat, carriage plate of high surface finish, excellent light, discoloration, corrosion resistance, anti sunlight, anti-aging, very suitable for colorful car advertising.

5. fiberglass honeycomb panel is lightweight, and it can effectively reduce the weight of car body, increasing the load, improve the quality coefficient of the van.

6. glass reinforced plastic honeycomb board repair is very convenient and repair after treated without obvious signs of repair.


Application: glass fiber reinforced plastic honeycomb panel is a kind of important engineering wall material, and it can solve the traditional wall material is not easy to be cleaned, easy to sag deformation, difficult installation, poor durability, easy to wear, impact resistant performance is poor, around the world has gradually replaced stainless steel sheet, plate, and it has been widely used in transportation and construction field.

Unicomposite has unique technology to combine fiberglass pultruded panel with honeycomb core to increase the strength of frp product, especially for small quantity production.

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