Steps to Prepare Pultrusion Raw Materials


Main raw materials used in pultruded product formulations are: resin, low shrinkage agent, triggered agent, release agent, filler, paste and auxiliary agent (such as anti foaming agent, dispersing agent, etc.). Detailed process should be strictly accordance with following procedures:

1.Packing in the tray and put into the temperature (110 degrees 5 degrees C) oven to drying about 0 5h.

2.Correction weighing instrument such as: balance scales, etc..

3.Choose or weight  amount of the resin according to the technical requirements  .

4.Adding dispersing agent and other components ratio formula process according to pultrusion technology , mixing 5-l 0min;

5.Adding low shrinkage agent, colorant and other components one by one and stirring about 5-l0 min: also weight inner mold release agent, curing agent;

6. Sequentially adding low shrinkage agent, pigment composition, stirring about 5-l0 min and at same time weighing the release agent, curing agent;

7.Add release agent, and then add the curing agent to keep the mixing state of the mixer;

8.Take out the baked stuffing from the oven, weighing and adding, continue to stir about 5-l0 min;

9.Finally close the mixer and clean the rubber site.

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