Fiberglass Grating Walkways Guide


FRP grating walkways are widely used and have the characteristics of light weight, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, insulation, convenient installation, and maintenance-free. Compared with traditional materials, it has certain advantages, so it has been recognized in many fields.

FRP grating walkways are generally made by molded gratings or pultruded gratings. The process of molde grating and pultruded grating is completely different. The following is a detailed introduction for you:


Introduction of FRP pultruded grating walkway:

It is a mechanized composite material forming process for the production of FRP profiles from reinforced plastics such as untwisted glass fiber rovings, glass fiber mats, etc. The profile is very strong and stable, and the absolute value of its lateral tilt strength and impact strength is higher than that of ordinary steel. Anti-corrosion performance, high-temperature performance, and good insulation performance. The product has a long service life in places with acid and alkali media. The scope of use in various aspects of the industry and civil use continues to expand and attracts more and more people’s attention.

Introduction of FRP molded grating walkway:

It is a kind of plate-like material with many spaces filled with glass fiber as reinforcement and unsaturated polyester resin as matrix, which can be used as the structural material for floors in a rusty environment, trench covers, platforms, ship decks, stairs, plank road, etc.


The molding is made by overlapping weaving of glass fibers and resin welding as a whole. It can be widely used in work platforms, equipment platforms, drilling platforms, aisles, etc. in petroleum, chemical electronics, electric power, paper industry, printing and dyeing, electroplating, marine exploration, sewage treatment, and other industries. It is an ideal product in rusty environments and can also be used for civil buildings.

The difference between FRP pultruded grating walkway and FRP molded grating walkway:

  • Pultruded grating adopts pultrusion molding process, several components are pultruded separately, and then assembled according to the size, the process is cumbersome, and there are not many applications except for special requirements.
  • The special mold for molded grating is made of resin, fiber, and molding. The product has a large format, a low price, and a wide range of applications.
  • Pultruded grating has most of the characteristics of molded grating, but it also has its significant differences. The most important point is the high glass fiber content in the direction of the carrier bar, so compared with molded FRP grating, It is more advantageous to use it under a large span, which will reduce the foundation support and reduce the engineering cost.

The above is a detailed introduction to the fiberglass grating walkways. You can choose the appropriate FRP grating according to your production needs.

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