Fiberglass Gratings Cover Surface


FRP grating/fiberglass gratings/GFRP grating (Glass fiber reinforced plastic grating) is widely used for construction, as cover, deck or other decoration products. Then it may call different surface finishing.

In general, surface finishing of molded grating includes:
No cover plate type: It just the molded grating mesh, allow the water or things drop through. Also in a light weight.
(1) (a natural form): basic anti-slip concave grating.
(2) surface sanding
(3) smooth surface(polish and remove the concave surface),usually used for decoration and other application needs smooth surface.

Fiberglass Gratings Cover type
This surface doesn’t have mesh any more. Especially for the public walking way, and the application of anti leakage of gas, water or volatile liquid. For the cover type, the details and difference are:
(1) plain cover: appearance is not slippery, easy to clear and remove dust
(2) sanded surface cover: it gives the best anti-slip with cover
(3) cover with marks: it is similar as sanded surface cover, while less function on slip resistant while it is more beautiful and functional aesthetics.

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