Pultrusion Production Accessory Equipment


Besides main pultrusion line, there are important accesory equipment during pultrusion process. Below is brief introduction.

1.Batching tools
In order to ensure a continuous and stable production, the preparation of  rubber compound should be accurate, as far as possible to achieve the consistency .
The choice and preparation of the batching is very important. But some manufacturers are lack of sufficient understanding of these, very casual, then production process not stable and quality has great fluctuate.

2. Mixture Equipment
Mixer is one of the main auxiliary equipment in production line.
Hydraulic lifting mixer can meet the need of the pultrusion process of gel ingredient . At present, a lot of small manufacturers has lack awarness of the importance of mixing , which resulting uneven dispersion of rubber materials and stability of the product quality is difficult to guarantee.

3. Slitter
The fibergalss felt of Pultrusion should be cut according to product width , which usually use slitter and cutting machine to meet the production request .
Slitter is a special equipment for cutting all kinds of fiber mat and one of the auxiliary equipments of production line,
which can complete  different felt volume, different felt wide to cutting demand and simple operation , and cut mat appearance neat and accurate

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