Anti-slip Surface Fiberglass Molded Grating


FRP grating/GFRP grating (Glass fiber reinforced plastic grating) with anti-slip surface, is generally able to reduce the slip accident. And then it is widely used for many applications.

There are 2 types of anti-slip surface. One type is that the nature anti-skid concave surface, it is formed by the molding process, and the another type non slip surface is sanding. For sanding, there are also 2 types, one is sanding in the mold before demolding, while other one is sanding after demolding. No matter which type, they all can provide an excellent anti-skid function. It is durable and sand won’t easy to peel.

In many places, the accident caused by slipping become the main cause of the accident and cause huge economic losses. Use of fiberglass molded grating to make walking more safe and comfortable, greatly reducing the slipping accidents.

Anti-slip Surface Fiberglass Molded Grating

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