Four Types Fiberglass Gratings


As we all know, there are fiberglass pultruded gratings and fiberglass molded gratings, but how to divide gratings by the shape? Generally speaking, fiberglass grating can be divided to four categories, the most important is divide according to product usage as well as the characteristics of their classification.
According to common usage rules  it can be roughly divided to following few categories:

1.Fiberglass gating cover plate
The anti slip performance can be show out only in fiberglass gating cover plate, such as grid sand covered and Striped grating. The appearance of Fiberglass gating cover plate can be smooth, nonslip paving sand surface is probably slip markings, cover plate thickness usually 4.0cm. It can also used according to Customer credentials size, which often use in a closed area for sewage disposal punishment measures and prevent gas spillover. Anti slide grating cover can also be used as a ramp, manhole cover and trench cover.

2.Conductive fiberglass grating
Fibergalss grating itself is an insulator, non conductive, non thermal conductivity, but in some specific places, it also has a conductive requirements. The detailed operation method is to eliminate the damage of static charge inoculation in the rock layer with a thickness of about 3~5mm. The conductive grating also has same characteristics  with traditional glass steel grille ,such as corrosion resistance, flame retardant,anti strike, skid resistance, light weight and practical in refinery and armaments manufacturing factory, high-tech industry, computer room, chemical plants, dry areas and underground mining operations.

3.Micro fiberglass grating
The corridor of the cellular fiberglass grating is lower than aluminum and steel, and it also corrosion resistance. The micro fiberglass grating especially useful for walking on the trolley and the wheelchair,the double layer micro grid can prevent the appearance of the grid and other objects.

4.Flat fiberglass cover plate
Flat fiberglass cover plate reinforced by  fiber mesh cloth,fiber chopped mat and resin by hand lay up. Plate cover appearance is smooth, nonslip paving sand surface and slip markings surface.Under normal circumstances, flat fiberglass panels are used in combination with the fiberglass reinforced  grating.

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