Factors Influencing Fiberglass Tank Quality


Not only the glass fiber and the resin are the two important parts to affect the quality on the fiberglass water tank, but also the interface is very important. They are very closed and inseparable.
1.  Synthetic resin is base material which can be decided fiberglass tank quality, loose glass fiber by bonding it into a whole, main transfer should be force. Therefore, resin and strength of fiberglass tank quality play an important role, especially the anti compression, bending, torsion, shear strength is more significant. Moreover, the resin is the base material of the glass steel tank quality, it elastic modulus of fiberglass, heat, electric insulation, penetrating electromagnetic wave, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, climate, anti – aging properties are affected.
2.  Glass fiber is the key force bearing part of the quality of fiberglass tank. It can not only increase the strength and elastic modulus of fiberglass products, but also can reduce the shrinkage deformation, improving the heat distortion temperature and low temperature impact strength.
3.  The interface is the layer between any two substances. The quality of fiberglass water tank is not only related to the reinforcing material and synthetic resin, but also the quality and durability of the interface between fiber and resin.

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