Fiberglass SMC Process and Application


Fiberglass SMC product is composed of unsaturated polyester resin and quantitative auxiliary materials such as thickeners, fillers, curing agents, accelerators, etc. SMC product is made using tablet machine in form of sheet. SMC product has some insulating properties and its color can be adjusted by changing the color of filler. After completion of the curing process, the product should be odorless. However, if it is SMC sheet molding of plastic raw materials, there is a certain pungent odor. But the smell is only slightly hurt the body. It’s a low-toxicity solvents which won’t be residual in body.

After curing completely, fiberglass SMC product is substantially non-toxic to humans. SMC main products are: Water tank plate, fan, chairs, electrical accessories, explosion-proof lamp, frozen fish plate, tractor roof, as well as the car, the battery tray, bumpers, front panels, truck tire cover, flue spacer plates, and many other products.In recent years, SMC products are mainly low technology products which need to be improved on the material properties, mold, press precision parameters. New technology research and development has not made much progress. For example, auto accessories are still too small, scattered and the structure is very simple. SMC products in the domestic market are mainly water tank panels, meter boxes, eat majority,etc. As the market matures and gradually saturated, it’s urgent to develop products which are lightweight,with high strength and high-precision surface to achieve the development of enterprises and SMC products.

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