Fiberglass Storage Tank Introduction


Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank is a kind of fiberglass reinforced plastic products. It mainly uses glass fiber as the reinforcing agent, and the resin is a new kind of composite material which is manufactured by the microcomputer controlled machine. Fiberglass tank is corrosion resistant, high strength, light weight, long service life. Due to its flexible design, process characteristics and can be flexibly designed using in the fields of different industries such as chemical industry, environmental protection, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, is gradually replaced carbon steel, stainless steel, most of the market.

Classification and introduction of FRP tanks – glass fiber reinforced plastic winding equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic winding machine.

Fiberglass tank has different types, vertical and horizontal mechanical winding tank, transport tanks, reaction tank, all kinds of chemical equipment horizontal tank, vertical storage tank, transport tanks, container, and a large series of containers, according to the application, storage or transport) medium is made of epoxy furan resin, or polyester resin, phenolic resin as binder, by high resin content of corrosion resistant lining layer, impervious layer, fiber winding reinforcing layer and an outer protective layer.

Currently, there are four types of glass fiber reinforced plastic tank production methods:

Hand lay up tank: the main use of the country are Norway, the United Kingdom, Denmark, etc.

Injection tank: the main use of the country are Sweden, the United States, Norway, etc.

Molding method: the main use of the country, Germany, etc.

The RTM method (RTM): the main use of countries in Europe, the United States and Japan.

And there are filament winding molding, extrusion molding and hot compression molding method, and so on.

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