Fiberglass Laminated Molding Process


Fiberglass laminated molding process is a kind of molding method to produce composite products by setting impregnated fabric which is cut and folded according to the shape and size of product between two polished metal molds. It is early in the development of molding process and it’s relatively mature. It is mainly used to produce electrical insulating board and plated circuit board. Nowadays, plated circuit boards are widely used to all kinds of products which need planar integrated circuit including radios, televisions, telephones, mobile phones, computers and various pilot circuits.

Fiberglass laminated molding process has a high degree of mechanization and automation while it ensures a stable product quality. However, the investment is very large at one time and it can only produce sheet, even the specification is limited by the equipment.

It generally includes these steps: Prepare impregnated fabric, Fabric cut and folded, Hot-pressing, Cooling, Demould, Processing, Final treatment…

Fiberglass laminated products: insulation board, insulation tube, FPC laminated silicon sheet, Epoxy phenolic cloth plate, U profile, slot wedge, spacer, strut…

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