Manufacturing Factors of Fiberglass Pultrusion Mould


Today we introduce FRP mould manufacturing factors.
Firstly, Manufacturing tooling conditions
1. Environmental temperature
It should always keep the same environment temperature  in the whole process of manufacturing male and female mold, that is 21-28 C.
Humidity: Humidity has large influence on gel coat resin and the curing effect, ideal humidity range from 40 to 60, if the manufacture of die relative humidity over 65, it should wait till the appropriate conditions for production and construction.

2. Clean workshop
Mold manufacturing areas should clean and must has higher maintenance and management standard than than the production area, so it should be prepared in advance District of mold manufacturing dedusting and cleaning work.

3. Clean compressed air clean and dry air supply is another factor of manufacturing high quality mould.

4. Selection of raw material
Auxiliary materials selection of high quality raw materials is an important condition for manufacturing high quality mould.
Raw material cost of mold manufacturing only a small percentage  of  total cost account, which can not use inferior materials to save cost.

5. Make reasonable fiberglass pultrusion tooling manufacture schedule
This is one of factors of good die manufacturing.
No matter use traditional overlay method, or choose new low shrinkage system, demand of time were all depend on  raw and auxiliary materials of chemical characteristics . It will have adverse effects on die quality when tried to take a shortcut or accelerated process.

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