Tips Before FRP Fence Installation


Fiberglass safety handrail/fence/barrier is to be safe for the sake of the fence, and what work should be done before the installation of the fiberglass fence?
1. If it is a security fence with mesh and fiberglass pultruded profile frame, fence parts may have spray paint processing, its elasticity and shock resistant ability is strong, so that the welding is not required, and it’s very convenient.

2. In the choice of the place we need to install, placed can be impacted by the external force of the site, such as a variety of types of pitches can be used as the object of installation.

3. Each place for the planning of the road and other conditions are different, if the location has requirements of the FRP safety fence, height, length and size, it’s necessary for us to know in advance.

4. Many of the house projects use FRP security fence, so you’ll need construction permits before installation.

5. Whether the fiberglass fence will match nearby environment or not.

Those tips are needed to be considered before the fiberglass fence has been installed. The more we consider in advance, the less problems will happen when installing, and it’ll help much of our work.

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