FRP Cable Protection Pipe


The features of  FRP cable protection pipe:
1. High intensity, be used for burning under the driveway to speed up the cable project implementation schedule, and doesn’t need to add concrete cover.
2. FRP pipe is flexible, and it can resist the damage caused by outside pressure and foundation settlement.
3. Insulation and no electric corrosion, suitable for single core cable laying. Also can be used in high temperature and salinity zone.
4. Flame retardant and heat resistant, fiberglass pultruded cable protection pipe can be long time used under the high temperature 130 degrees, and will not deform.
5. Sleek inside will not scratch the cable. Adding the rubber seal on joint, adapt to expand by heat and contract by cold and prevent the sand into the mud.
6. The design of socket connection is easy to install and connect.
7. Light weight, one person can be carried and two people can install. It is easy to install and construct, reduce the cost of installation and shorten the construction period. At the same time, avoid exposing a long time after excavating road and affecting traffic.
8. Wide applicable scope, FRP cable protection pipe can do a role of protection pipe when burning the cable and be used in the high requirements like cable cross the bridge and the river.Adopting the combination of form a complete set of professional tube pillow can be composed of multilayer more columns of the catheter tube way.

Fiberglass Pultruded Cable Protection Pipe Application:
1. FRP cable protection pipe and accessories for each, can according to different engineering requirements of multi-layer multi-column cable pipe system, electric power, communication cable is suitable for the city in buried laying protection work, but also high requirements applicable to the following situations:
2. Cable directly buried driveway or transportation to crossings equipped for protecting tube.
3. Cable bridge, cross the river by the special environment such as protecting tube.

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