Roller Forming Process


Glass fiber and carbon fiber materials can be made as roller. Roller forming process is with prepreg tape reel machine coil forming a composite molding method. The principle is by means of roller machine hot roller to soften the adhesive tape, molten resin on the tape ,then under certain tension roller in operation process with the aid of the friction between the roller and the core mold, then tape continuous roll to the core tube until meet required thickness, then cold roll cooling stereotypes and taken from roller machine into curing oven. After curing and remove core mold, the composite pipes are come out.

According to the different rolling forming cloth method, it can be divided into manual cloth method and continuous mechanical method.
The basic process is: first cleaning roller, then heat roller to the preset temperature and adjust the tape tension.
Under the no applied pressure, wrapped seeker cloth first coated with demoulding agent on tube mandrel around one circle, then put down pressure roller and the seeker cloth attached to the heat roller, and pull the tape cover posted in the heated part of the seeker cloth, to overlaps the cloth with the seeker.
Leadercloth length about 800~1200mm, apparent diameter and decide lap length leadercloth and tape which generally 150 ~ 250mm.
In the volume of thick wall pipe can be in the normal operation of the system, speed up the rotation speed of the mandrel in close to the design of the wall thickness ,then slow down the speed to achieve the design thickness and cut off the adhesive tape. Then, in the case of keeping pressure roller to continue rotated  the core model to 1 to 2 times.
Finally, enhance pressure roller and measuring tube diameter and to  curing in the oven after passing out from the winding machine.

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