Fiberglass Bolts


Fiberglass anchor bolt is a kind of commonly used products in the industry. In the screw anchor bolt, we use the same length and the use of the material is also very effective. At the same time, bolt installation is quickly and save material. While the use of fiberglass anchor bolts, we also need to pay attention to the following aspects:
Firstly, according to the actual operating environment and conditions for the scientific design and installation, such as the preparation of drilling holes, we must have a clear idea of the surrounding rock, holes position, etc., And make the corresponding obvious signs, but should also pay attention to the large size of the anchor hole, allowing error lines exist, but should be controlled within 15cm.

Secondly, in the installation of the original material of the fiberglass anchor bolts, specifications, models and quality of the work, to ensure that all parts meet the quality standards, and the hole diameter, hole depth  and other design form of scientific planning.

Thirdly, we need to pay attention to the transportation of fiberglass bolt when handling workers must wear thick rubber gloves, anti-dust masks and wearing the right clothes. It should be in accordance with the different performance, different anchor length, different specifications of classification mark. Bolt transportation must avoid the rain wet long time, ultraviolet radiation it will be placed in the shade, avoid direct contact with the ground, the bottom of the water.

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