Gel Coat Introduction


In unsaturated polyester industry, gel coat resin is a kind of special resin. It was developed to enhance the appearance quality of fiberglass products using unsaturated resin and to protect the structure layer from the corrosion. The new developed weather resistant and fire retardant gel coat resin are becoming more and more important and they have really caught everybody’s eyes on them.

Gel coat can be divided to several kinds according to function and application, such as product gel coat, mold gel coat, fire retardant gel coat, marine gel coat, high elasticity gel coat and food grade gel coat. With more varieties and better performance, gel coat resin is now enjoying a wider application field.

Mold gel coat
A special kind of polyester is used as the matrix resin of mold gel coat. Structure of resin give great mechanic performance to products. Products have high brightness, chemical resistance and flexibility. It is normally used to produce FRP mold.

Air-drying gel coat
Air-drying gel coat is a kind of gel coat with no wax which has great adhesive force and peel resistance strength. Its special molecule structure leads to a better performance in anti-corrosion, high-temperature resistance, specific strength and cracking resistance. The biggest character of air-drying gel coat is that it’s finger touch dry 20-30 minutes after spraying and it reaches strength of common gel coat 2 hours after spraying. It reaches the highest strength after a week. After molding, the product surface is smooth and bright. The products have good performance in flow leveling, too. Hand lay-up and spray types are for customers to choose.

Transparent gel coat
Transparent gel coat uses isophthalic resin as matrix resin and has medium viscosity and reaction activity. It’s widely used to produce casting body which is not reinforced, polyester concrete, artificial marble, man-made agate and gorgeous stones.

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