Hand Lay-up Products Partline Treatment


Fiberglass hand lay-up products can be divided into a one-time molding and assembly molding.

One time molding products with smooth surface, no burr, and the overall image very beautiful. However,assembly molding products have mold part line, which looks with bumpy, rough, so how to make the mold after the products reach the beautiful degree? Here we elaborate the treatment processing method of such partline:

1. Assembly mold products should be promptly cut with a knife or blade clamping at the excess part to save a lot of time of next process;

2. Using a grinding machine to flat the surface;

3. Take the right amount resin, talc powder, accelerator, curing agent, color paste (what color of the product to take what kind of color paste) mixing evenly;

4. Use a blade or knife to take some mixture from third step and scraped into the appropriate clamping seam to make the surface smooth and no holes;

5. Use sandpaper scratch the place smoothly and flat after curing to make the part line fully consistent with other parts;

6. Wipe the surface dust and spray the oil.

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