Types of FRP Sheet


1. General lining surface sheet: No gel-coat fiberglass sheet/plate, usually used for sandwich board, industrial building lining board;

2. Bead sheet(also named Keith plate or decorative pattern sheet): Concave and convex decorative pattern with better decorative visual effect;

3. Gel-coat sheet: Surface with the gel coat has excellent resistance, be used for interior decoration or the appearance plate of refrigerator car

4. The fiberglass sheet with A level and colorful surface: Product with both smooth sides, uniform thickness of 2.0-4.0 mm,is the only units in domestic can produce high quality plate. It can bond with foam plate(polyurethane,polystyrene) and get sandwich plate. FPR colorful plate has excellent heat insulation, thermal insulation performance and impeccable surface.

Widely used in the incubation equipment, food processing factory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital, school, restaurant, refrigerator, cold storage, container terminals, container house, prefabricated houses, due to its antimicrobial resistance to moisture, acid and alkali resistance, dirt resistance, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear resistance is strong, has been hailed as a health and safety of the material.

5. Fiberglass insulation sandwich board: FRP plate with foam board, gypsum board, wood plywood, honeycomb panel, FRP sandwich plate composite with high strength such as low cost of sandwich board class A surface color FRP plate. But also with foaming plate (polyurethane, polystyrene) bonding composite sandwich plate.

Fiberglass insulation sandwich board features

Gel tablet, attached to the surface scratch has excellent resistance to detergents, bleach disinfection antiseptic effect. Fiberglass sheet(molded, pultruded, etc) are used as wall material, does not contain harmful, scratch resistance, impact resistance and easy to clean.

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