Fiberglass Gratings Raw Materials


We know that raw materials choice will effect fiberglass pultruded and molded grating quality. Today we’ll talk about selection of raw materials: raw materials used for production of fiberglass gratings are resin, glass fiber, high quality fiberglass gratings with high quality resin, colorless and transparent. They are low viscosity, low heat release, low shrinkage, high speed, high speed, compatibility, gloss. So fiberglass gratings are smooth, good gloss, strength and toughness. If the use of inferior resin will be completely contrary to the poor quality of the resin, high viscosity, high heat, high shrinkage, curing is relatively slow, the compatibility is also poor, the production of FRP gratings more porosity, easy to fracture, strength difference toughness is not good.

Followed by the comparison of the finished product. Fiberglass gratings appearance quality without obvious cracks, fewer stomata, bright pure color, good transparency, with certain toughness and strength, good surface smoothness, long service life; and the inferior fiberglass grating products has the appearance of crack, with more pores, color is pure gloss is not. Its service life is shorter.

Finally is to accept the practice of testing, the actual strength of the soldiers, the use of high-quality glass fiber after a few years, the whole board is intact, no obvious damage, poor quality of fiberglass gratings used several years after the damage, the board is not so smooth, color degradation of serious, overall aging, the general grating is used for twenty years, but two years later, the poor quality of gratings will appear the phenomenon of the overall aging, and therefore will bring huge losses.

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