Fiberglass Pultruded Cable Tray Selection


Attentions when selecting different specifications of the fiberglass pultruded cable tray and cable ladder:

1. in the public channel or outdoor cross section of the road, at the bottom of the bottom rungs should add pad or in the tray. Large span across the public channel, according to the requirements of users, we can improve the load or choose the frame tray.

2. composite FRP cable tray should be used in large span (> 3M).

3. epoxy resin fiberglass pultruded cable tray should be used outdoor.

4. electrical interference shielding cable network or a door outside (such as: a huge corrosive liquid, flammable dust impact requirements should be selected slot type composite type anti-corrosion shielding cable tray (with cover)

5. high corrosion environment should use (f) composite epoxy resin anti rot and flame retardant fiberglass cable tray, pultruded bracket, a bracket material should be chosen the same material to improve the service life of the cable tray. In areas with ash or other similar environment, cable tray should be with cover.

6. in addition to the above attention, according to the site environment and technical requirements to choose tray type, groove type, cascade, fiberglass corrosion retardant cable tray.

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