Fiberglass Gratings Strength Test and Application Cracks Repairness

1. The impact strength of fiberglass grating cover has a strong anisotropy. The fiber orientation in the fiberglass grating is flat and glass fiber grating is a layer of plane, so it is easy to cause the gap when fiberglass molded or pultruded gratings are impacted by the vertical plane. Therefore, the impact of the vertical plane direction is significantly lower than that of the parallel to the plane.
2. The impact strength of glass fiber reinforced grating cover is more sensitive to the gap, the deeper the notched impact strength is lower, and there are some exceptions, and the impact value of the 450 direction increases with the increase of the gap depth.
3. In the plane impact of a flat surface of fiberglass gratings, the impact value increases with the increase of the thickness of the specimen in parallel to the plane impact, and the impact value increases with the increase of the width of the sample.
4. The influence of the temperature and the static strength of the same, so the lower the temperature, the higher the impact strength.
Application in cracks repairness:
Firstly, the laying of the road, the road surface must be with no water stains, grease, paint, dirt, achieve the clean and dry surface.
Secondly, the laying and fixing of fiberglass molded/pultruded gratings can be done by professional equipment.
Thirdly, construction note:
1. on the gratings layer to stop the vehicle to slam the brakes, so as not to cause damage.
2. gum soluble in water, wet or slippery road can’t be construction.
3. construction workers need to wear protective gloves.
4. note the amount of water can not be too full to prevent overflow and the lack of viscosity.
5. the pavement temperature should be between 50 and 60 degrees when laying out fiberglass gratings.
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