Fiberglass Cooling Tower


At present, the industrial water consumption has been larger, traditional wastewater and wastewater treatment methods have not adapted to the modern urban water, industrial water and water purification requirements of the use of foreign reverse osmosis membrane separation technology is the general trend. After deep treatment of the net water, has been able to reach the net water standards. The fiberglass pressure vessel is the key equipment of high performance water treatment technology, which is introduced into China in recent years, is a fiberglass pressure vessel with reverse osmosis water treatment. This device is based on the United States ASME standards, is a pressure, fatigue resistant epoxy based glass fiber reinforced plastic pressure vessel.

The fiberglass cooling tower is divided into the following parts:

1. steel frame

2. fiberglass shell

3. cooling tower motor / reducer

4. cooling tower fan

5. cooling tower water filling

6. cooling tower with water system

7. cooling tower water collector

Component quality:

1. steel skeleton: the material quality is different according to the choice, wall thickness will also effect the pultruded profiles quality.

2. fiberglass shell: for the same resin, different application will have different prices. The thickness of the fiberglass casing is different, the price is different.

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