SMC Production Line


Fiberglass SMC production unit consists of machine frame in rectangle tubes, film unwinder for lower carrier film, film unwinder for upper carrier film, spreader rollers etc, specially introduce of sheet metal control cabinet,which with doors at operation side. On or off button, two frequency controllers which separately used to control the belt speed and the cutter speed and turret winder are mounted on the operation panel.

Another SMC production line part is impregnation zone, compaction bridge with chain belt as upper impregnation belt and belt guidance. 16 upper and 16 lower impregnation rollers, with manual belt tension. Adjustment of the pressure limitation and of the run-in and run-out angle by hand wheels. The impregnation pressure is made pneumatically and adjustable by a pressure reducer.
SMC products are light weight, colorful, no maintenance and have long service life.
All products can be customized at your request, fiberglass SMC cabinet, fiberglass sheet, etc.
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