Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics


Glass fiber reinforced plastic, is commonly known as FRP. Glass fiber is used as reinforcing material, resin as the matrix material. Due to the use of different resin varieties, there are pultruded polyester resin, epoxy pultruded resin, glass fiber reinforced phenolic resin.

FRP products have a lot of manufacturing processes, such as molding, extrusion, winding, vacuum blister, hand paste, spray, etc.

Different process is suitable for different products. Such as fiberglass containers, fiberglass tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks, fiberglass reaction kettle, fiberglass exhaust treatment tower, fiberglass tray, fiberglass cooling tower, fiberglass gratings, fiberglass manhole cover, fiberglass lighting tile, fiberglass box, glass fiber reinforced plastic fast food tables and chairs, fiberglass yacht.

Fiberglass pultruded/handlay-up/molded products are anti ageing and flame retardant. Glass fiber reinforced plastics is a product of the category of reinforced plastics. The matrix material is a problem of natural aging and burning.

After more than 60 years of research in the world, FRP profile has been initially solved and used for 50 years, the bending degree can be maintained in 64-46%, tensile strength retention rate of 71.2%, such as adding antioxidant and anti-aging performance better; fiberglass substrate by adding flame retardant agent and flame retardant resin by adding flame retardant agent, oxygen index was up, fully meet the requirements of fermentation equipment of fire retardant. The life of the glass fiber reinforced plastic products can be reached 50 years after the severe test of the theory.

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