FRP Pipeline Repair


Fiberglass pultruded tube is one of the flexible pipe, under the installation condition, support ability to bear the load capacity and its surrounding soil are closely related. When it is damaged, maintenance work should be paid special attention.

Specific measures for pipeline maintenance: when the fiberglass pipeline is maintained, first of all, the ducting drum kits, internal stratification and sand inclusion layer destruction of part of the angle grinder will wear off and then asbestos putty to fill the void, to be solidified putty with angle grinder to fill the part and covering part of polishing, the surface is smooth and has good bonding interface, the last of coated a strong seepage prevention treatment. The length of the coating area (circumferential direction) at each edge of damage and the damage is not less than 30cm, the width direction of damage area and damage degree in the 8 ~ 15cm. Pipeline damage area and damage in the 2 ~ 15mm.

Fiberglass pipeline damage part of the coating process: first of all the pipeline need to repair the site with 20 layers of glass fiber reinforced glass fiber cloth to strengthen; and then the internal control of 3 layers of glass fiber chopped strand mat, then paste the 1 layers of glass fiber cloth to strengthen. The repair of the damaged pipeline which is damaged by mechanical damage, and the internal structure layer and the impermeable layer are judged. If only surface of fiberglass pultruded tube is damaged, we can do the maintenance at outside of the fiberglass pipe, if the internal structure is damaged, internal and external are required to be repaired. Repaired area according to the actual damage area of concrete, repair method with the pipeline damaged parts of the coating process.

FRP pipe is widely used in water conservancy, petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industries due to its high strength, high strength, convenient installation and long service life. Therefore, when using such products, we must strictly in accordance with the norms of construction, to ensure the construction quality, and give full play to the advantages of material, so that it can achieve the expected purpose of use.

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