Fiberglass Greenhouse Structure


The idea of growing plants in environmentally controlled areas has existed since Roman time. The Roman Emperor TIBERIUS liked to eat vegetable daily, to meet the Emperor’s requirement, the Roman gardeners used artificial methods of growing, which is very similar to the greenhouse system nowadays.

In the modern commercial agriculture supply chain, this greenhouse growing method is widely used to produce agriculture products. Thanks to Greenhouse, farms can grow tomatoes, onions, lettuces etc, help support McDonald, Subway to produce delicious hamburgers for you all year round.

Fiberglass Greenhouse Structure compared with metal Greenhouse:

  1. High strength
  2. Higher flexural strength
  3. Never corrode
  4. Heat insulation

The unique feature of heat insulation of fiberglass is a much more superior advantage over metal structure, because in summer time the structure will take a lot of heat, metal will have a high surface temperature that will damage the greenhouse film attached. By using fiberglass structure, the over-heat film damage problem will be perfectly solved.

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