Fiberglass Insulated Ladder and Its Features


Fiberglass insulated ladder is made of insulating fiberglass, and with withstand voltage level of 220kV.

Application: mainly used for power supply engineering, telecommunication engineering, electrical engineering, hydropower engineering and other emergency repair, substation maintenance, meter reading and other Fiberglass Ladder.

Specifications of similar products: 1m insulated joint; 1.5m insulated joint ladder; 2m insulated joint; 2.5m insulated joint ladder; 3.0m insulated joint ladder; 3.5m insulated joint ladder; 4.0m insulated joint ladder.

Features: The FRP insulating ladder is made of more than ten chemical materials, such as glass fiber, glass protective pad, alkali free fiber, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated resin, etc., which are polymerized and extruded at high temperature. The profile conforms to the principle of mechanical structure, has strong bending resistance and is not easy to twist and deform. The ladder support is of anti-skid design, and the Fiberglass ladder bangs and ladder supports are of semi penetrating connection. The whole round solid bar is adopted for through body reinforcement, with uniform and reasonable stress, and the overall connection is reliable and stable. Trapezoid force

Learn the principle of moment of inertia; adopt the whole trapezoid of eight character structure, beautiful and generous, stable and durable.

FRP Insulated joint ladders are not always in octagonal structure, and there are parallel structures according to the length and specifications.

The types of FRP insulated ladders are: FRP insulated single ladder, FRP insulated herringbone ladder, FRP insulated folding ladder, FRP insulated elevator (single side and double sides).


Fiberglass Insulated Ladder and Its Features

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