Fiberglass Insulationg Ladder


Fiberglass insulating ladder is made of glass fiber,non alkali fiber, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated resin and other 10 kinds of chemical materials by high temperature polymerization and pultrusion process and rectangular hollow structural sections. Besides fiberglass rectangular tubes, fiberglass pultruded channel is also good choice for insulation ladder. FRP round tube can be used as ladder step. Unicomposite engineers are able to offer professional calculation if needed. The fiberglass profile conforms to the principle of structural mechanics, the bending resistance is strong, it’s not easy to distort and deform, the ladder brace for the antiskid design, the ladder coconut palm, ladder brace for semi penetration type connection, and the overall circular solid rod quintana wear even reinforcement, stress is uniform and reasonable, overall connection is stable and reliable. According to the mechanics principle of trapezoidal moment of inertia, the overall structure of fiberglass ladder is beautiful and generous, stable and durable. The insulating ladder is not necessarily the character structure, it depends on the length and different specifications, and parallel structure. Pultruded ladder types include fiberglass insulating single ladder, fiberglass insulating herringbone ladder, fiberglass insulating folding ladder and fiberglass insulating lift ladder{single-sided and double-sided}.

We use aluminum alloy material to do pole oxidation process, the surface of the shaft type steel has protective coating. The insulation paint is used for the processing of the surface. The fiberglass pultruded ladder has a high degree of safety, high insulation performance, low water absorption and corrosion resistance.

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