Molded Grating and Fiberglass Column


Today we’ll introduce fiberglass molded grating and column.

Application for molded grating excepting common decking or walk way, it can be use d for sheep excrete its faeces. Molded grating is made by polyester resin with light weight and fire retardant characteristics.

Similar to fiberglass pultruded grating, fiberglass molded gratings are manually made with thermosetting resin and continuous fiberglass rovings interwovenly laid up in mold, layer after layer. After resin cures, gratings are then ejected from molds by pin .

It can also made with anti–slip performance, and it’s easy to install but easy for maintenance as well.

Another standard pultruded profile of Unicomposite is fiberglass column. Construction column is made by fiberglass pultrusion process, thin thickness but in high strength. Surface can be used directly or paint the color as you like. Such column can be matched with various cap, such as Rome PU type .

General material:polyester resin with fiber glass pillar type: roman pillar feature:solid shape: square column type etc.

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