Fiberglass Manhole Covers Advantages


SMC manhole covers are different from pultrusion process, they are made via molding process. Those products have the following advantages:

1. no recycling value: the product is a thermosetting plastic, regeneration is very difficult, Pirates of the useless, natural security, completely solve the problems of theft.
2. good decorative effect, personalized design, like relief, matter like jade, good decorative effect and environmental protection.
3. flexiable in design: according to the needs of the user to tune the shape and size, color, pattern and so enhance the ornamental effect.
4. the bearing capacity of high strength: in line with national standards.
5. long service life: the product has strong compressive strength, flexural strength, impact resistance, long-term use will not crack. No harsh sound: the jarring and rebound phenomenon of car running over non cast iron manhole covers. Open convenience: lock with lock or not covers are easy to open. Insulation corrosion resistance: electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, weather resistance. The wet weather also disadvantage without oxidation corrosion, -50 degrees Celsius ~100 degrees Celsius can be used normally.
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