Pultruded FRP Profiles


In the process of chemical production often contact with acid and alkali, salt, organic solvents and other strong corrosive medium, the corrosion and chemical production is always accompanied by the. At the same time, anti-corrosion technology workers to make unremitting efforts from first to last, the effective protection in many areas. With the development of modern technology and new materials, new technology, the anticorrosion technology has made great progress. In 90, FRP profiles for industrial production in China, which solve the problem of corrosion of steel structure in a new way. Pultruded FRP profiles changed in glass steel industry can only be used as anti-corrosion lining, parts, pipes and containers of the role, with its high strength, light weight, corrosion resistant properties instead of steel, jumped into the field of building load-bearing structure.

On the connection of pultruded FRP profiles in the bearing structure as the maximum inconvenience is not welding connection, current applications are mainly card scarfing, plug, gasket and butt sleeve bonding, is the main bearing structure is coated with epoxy resin bolt or stainless steel bolt protection even titanium bolts to connect some fixed. Business development of FRP bolt in the application.
Pull the price squeeze FRP profiles of the volume is about 2 times that of ordinary steel, stainless steel 1/2. As in the buildings and structures of enterprises was difficult to accept, but not every year of pultruded FRP profiles paints, saving the cost of 3 years can be flat with steel structure and engineering cost. It is important of pultruded FRP profiles of structures using life of not less than 10 years, while the ordinary steel structure in the corrosive environment and the service life of only two or three years. From this point of view we prove the application of pultruded FRP profiles as corrosion environment in buildings and structures of the economic benefit is very considerable.
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