Fiberglass Panel Decking


Fiberglass panels are made of the fiberglass products including fiberglass yarn, mat, fiberglass mesh cloth and a variety of different resins by pultrusion, extrusion,molding or hand lay up.

According to the appearance of the durable fiberglass decking, it can be classified into three main categories:
1. The hollow grid plate (fiberglass molded grating)
Fiberglass molding gratings has the greatest demand due to its advantages like high economic efficiency and practical applications. Compared with solid plate, the hollow grid plate is not only stable in quality but also with high bearing capacity and high toughness.

2. Solid fiber glass sheet (flat FRP cover plate)
The FRP cover is made up of a flat FRP cover plate and a FRP grid plate. Compared with the FRP molded grating , the cost of the flat FRP cover plate is much higher, and the raw materials used in its production are also more complex and expensive.

3. FRP cover system (combination of cover and plate)
That is the combination of the above mentioned hollow FRP plates and solid plates, often referred to as the FRP cover system. The production cost is low, the economic benefit is high, it is suitable for all kinds of occasions.

4. Insulated FRP board
Insulated FRP board is pultruded profiles filled with insualtion materials inside. It is not only durable, light, low cost etc.

Application of FRP Panels:
1. Industrial production
The largest application fields are industrial production, the electroplating factories, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, electroplating equipment factories and so on, fiberglass panels mostly used as FRP walkways, Fiberglass operation platforms, filtering grille, draining boards, footboards, guardrails, etc.

2. Urban landscaping
Fiberglass decking mainly as trench cover, manhole cover, sewer cover, cable trench cover and tree grating as protect against the tree and other environmental protection board.

3. Infrastructure construction
Fiberglass decking could be also applied in the infrastructure construction, for example FRP panel for as the bridge top. FRP insulated panels could be also used as walls for cooling trucks,sea wall, FRP flooring for commercial and residential buildings.

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