FRP Pultrusion Machine Roving Rack and Equipment Usage Notice


The fiberglass pultrusion equipment is made up by roving rack, mats frame, dip tank, mould heating, clamping device, tractor, cutting machine and so on. The most important part is the roving rack.
Fiberglass without twist rovings are the main reinforced material in pultrusion production.
The roving rack is the main device for placing fiber glass rovings, The racking look like a multi-story bookshelf, the frame is welded by the section steel, and the diaphragm is connected with the frame and separated into several layers.

The Roving groups are placed vertically on each layer, and the longitudinal position of the yarn is limited by its own longitudinal dimension, while the horizontal placement of the roving mass must be convenient to be changed. Usually, there are two groups and four groups in each row. From each roving group are located above the yarn between the outlet, which must be set with roving guide plate or of bobbin roving guide channel, so that the rovings are not be confused, The size of the yarn frame can normally be put in 100- 200 yarn groups.

FRP pultrusion equipment in production process must pay attention to take it easy, the molded surface must away from sharp, and the formed surface should avoid to be touched in mould relasing. The moulds not be used temporarily should be put flat, not pressure above it, avoid the abuse of harmful medium turbidity. If the equipments are not be used for a long time, it is necessary to cover a layer of fibeglass reinforced plastic, in order to protect the mold surface from being damaged, molds can not be putted in the open court, to avoid from degeneration and damage, if it was damaged hardly, still short of the appearance after repair, the requirements such as dimension, the FRP pultrusion machinery can no longer continue to be used.

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