Properties of FRP Pultrusion Gratings


Fiberglass pultruded gratings has the most of the properties of the molded FRP gratings, notable differences available also. The most important point is the high glass fiber content (65%-70%) in the direction of the bearing strip. Therefore, compared with the molded FRP grating, it has more advantages in the long span projection application. This will reduce the basic support and reduce the cost of the project.

Chemical Resistance
The anti-corrosion properties of the pultrusion grating are excellent, with excellent o-benzene, phenylene, vinyl resin and with surface felt.

GFRP pultrusion grating is about 1/4 weight of the steel, which is very easy to handle, thereby reducing the handling cost a lot.

High Strength
The pultrusion gratings is based on the weight ratio of about 35% of the resin and 65% of the glass fiber, providing a very high ratio of strength / weight.

Anti ultraviolet additives and the polyester surface mat will be added as part of raw materials of pultrusion gratings to achieve the best anti ultraviolet effect.

Flame Retardant
Flame retardation with 1 stage 25 or more than 26 oxygen index (according to engineering needs).
Other excellent properties of FRP pultrusion grating, such as impact resistance, maintenance free, easy processing, anti skid safety, insulation insulation and so on.

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