Technical parameters for FRP cable tray installation


Type of cable tray and how to select

1. Shield network from electrical interference or need a protective external (such as impacts with corrosion liquid, flammable dust environment), you should choose slot compound anticorrosive shielded Pultruded cable tray (within cover).

2. Strong corrosive environment should use composite epoxy resin for anti-corrosion and flame-retardant. the supporting arm and bracket shall also be used same material, to improve the service life of the cable tray and accessories, and to add cover to the environment or outdoor space that is prone to soot and other needs

3. According to the site environment and technical requirements to choose which type: pallet type, groove type, cascade type, glass anticorrosion flame retardant type or steel cable tray frame can be selected. Add a cover to the environment or outdoor space that is prone to accumulation of dust and other needs.

4. Cross the road section in the public channel or outdoors, the bottom of the lower step should be added with a pad or put a pallet in that section. when cross in the public channel with the large span, the load capacity of Fiberglass cable tray can be improved or the frame can be selected according to the user’s requirements.

5. The large span (>3m) should be equipped with a composite bridge.

6. Use composite epoxy resin GRP cable tray in outdoors

How to select the specifications of pultruded cable tray

1. Composite epoxy resin cable tray’s width and height is to choose as below, and should be in conformity with the relevant standard specification value and not beyond, power cable may take 40-50%, control cable desirable 50-70%, also need to stay 10-25% of the allowance type process development.

2. The specifications of various bending and accessories shall conform to the engineering’s conditions and be matched with the FRP cable tray.

3. The selection of support and hanger specifications shall be configured according to the specifications, layers and span of the bridge. and should meet the load requirements.

The configuration of cable tray’s bracket and hanger.

1. Short span of Indoor support is generally 1.5-3m,the span of outdoor columns is usually 6m.

2. The support and hanger configuration of the non-linear segment shall follow the below principles: when the width of the cable tray is <300mm, a branch and hanger shall be set on the side of the straight line between the non-linear section and the straight-line junction 300-600m.
When the width >300mm, in addition to the following conditions, a branch and hanger should be added in the middle of the non-linear segment.

3. The interlayer center distance between the laminated pultrusion cable tray is 200/250/300/350 mm.

4. The straight line segment of the cable tray should be left with a telescopic joint 20-30mm(metal bridge frame) at every 50m.


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